Graz – Culture and Nature

The city of Graz is the second largest city of Austria and the state capital of Styria, also called the “Green March”. With its many parks and forests in immediate vicinity of the city, people can enjoy a very high quality of life here. You can spend your spare time either in one of the many museums, visit the sights, or simply go on a shopping spree.
Graz’s world-renowned department store is in a cul-de-sac, one minute from the Hauptplatz. It dates back to 1883, where Carl Kastner missed his connection and thus explored the city. He stumbled upon an empty business locale in the centre, which he spontaneously rented. This became the headquarters of Kastner & Öhler.
Graz also offers numerous cultural highlights, opera, shows, and cabarets. One may say: There is always something going on in Graz.

Priene, Miletus and Didyma

Hundreds of travel guide and travel accounts are flooding the market. Printed or in electronic form, in part, very extensive and detailed. But what if you are planning a short vacation, or simply a round trip to and not nearly have the time to work through hundreds of facts and details? All who wish to enjoy the beauty of the region and the wonderful artwork this series of books is dedicated to. The first book deals with the Aegean Coast and here in particular with the places Priene, Miletus and Didyma.

Spa Olimia

A spa in the dreamy village of Podčetrtek (Windisch Landsberg) was the inspiration for this book. The municipality consists of 26 villages and hamlets and is located in the historical region of Lower Styria (Lower Styria)

Dracula – Facts, Myth, Novel

The story of the three phenomena that are associated with the term “Dracula”. The Prince Vlad Tepes III., who led the country with an iron hand; the fictional character of Bram Stoker, who was always in search of blood and the finally mysticism. The superstition is still rooted in the people. The eBook is referring to numerous documents that deal with the topic of vampires also from the public.

Baile Felix & Oradea – Romania

Photo book on the greatest and most famous wellness resort in Romania and the City of Oradea. Baile Felix is located in Bihor County and is the largest spa and resort in Romania. The name was given by monk Felix, abbot of the monastery of Szentmárton who discovered the healing properties of the thermal springs at about the year 1000. With information about hotels, treatment options and the City of Oradea and its attractions. This book is also available in German and Romanian.

Timisoara – Flowers & Parks

Timisoara rightly carries the nickname “City of Roses”. In this book you will meet the green side of the second largest city in Romania.
Explore the impressive village museum. The Village Museum was built on the site of the hunting forest. In the immediate area there is also the Timisoara Zoo.
If you are planning a trip to Timisoara, or if you’d like to find out more about this great city, you must grab this book.

Timisoara – Romania

Romania is placed between Central and Southeastern Europe. The country fascinates by its history, the strange legends, mystical forests and rough mountain areas. In this eBook the city of Timisoara will be introduced. More than just a travel guide; it is intended to encourage your imagination to explore this region.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – how it all began

The greatest son of Thal near Graz and one of the greatest Austrians, Arnold Schwarzenegger, was born on July 30, 1947 in Graz. Today, his childhood home houses the Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum. This eBook provides many photographs and stories covering Arnolds beginnings in Graz, Munich, Stuttgart and London. It’s the time before he became the world famous movie star and politician. Also included the great paintings of the well-known “Arnie-Painter” Helmut Gombocz.


Computer created graphics, beamed onto nude skin. This offers a fantastic type of “living” canvas. The body becomes just background; only the combination of color. light, movement and the forms of a smooth body creates a unbelievable effect. Enjoy Body Painting with Lights.

Rosarium – near Vienna

The Rose Garden in Baden near Vienna
Austria’s greatest Rose Garden is located in Baden near Vienna. On an area of ​​about 8 hectares (about 20 acres) you’ll find 175 beds with more than 30,000 rose bushes, in over 800 varieties. Every year you can admire two rose blossoms here; once in June and in October.

Graffiti in Vienna

The voice of the public, put on the walls, exaggerated without any borders and limits, these are graffitis. In Vienna there are many places where you find them. Some legal, some wildly sprayed but not legal using public spaces beyond the provided “Graffiti-Areas”.